Playing games on your mobile device can win you cash prizes. These apps are available for free download and do not require direct access to a bank account. They also have a low cash-out limit.

You can earn money by watching videos, answering surveys, or completing other tasks. Some of conti these apps pay real cash and gift cards through PayPal.

Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash is a no-cost gaming app that lets players compete against other players of similar skill levels and get cash prizes. It’s a modern version of an old-fashioned game that players have played on their own since the 18th century. It is a great option for those looking to make money playing games.

Solitaire Cash is different from other games which require you to bet against the house. Instead, Solitaire Cash lets players earn money by competing against other players in tournaments. These tournaments are completely free or require real money or gems. The top three players share the prize pool. The more you play the more you play, the higher your rank and the better your chances of winning.


Mistplay is a game-based app which pays players money via Amazon gift cards. The rewards system is based on the number of units a user earns through the game, as well as the amount of PXP they earn. Users can also earn referral bonuses.

MistPlay is an actual source of income however, it’s not the most profitable. The app’s units can be traded for a variety of rewards, such as pre-paid Visa cards as well as Steam Wallet codes.

There are some limitations to the program, such as restrictions on age and the location. However, many have discovered it to be an excellent method to earn extra cash while playing games that they enjoy.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a fun and exciting game that lets you earn real money playing against other players. It’s an excellent way to relax and make some extra cash while playing a game that you love. But, you must be cautious not to spend more than you can afford to lose.

Bubble Shooter is a simple game. Use your finger to aim at a grouping of bubbles with identical in color on the grid above. If you can get three or more of the bubbles to touch, they will all pop and any bubbles hanging will also fall. The more groups you can create the more points you’ll earn.

Spades Cash

Spades Cash allows you to challenge real people. Its cashpot casino registration code unique rules remove the luck of traditional games of cards and make them more strategy-based. You can earn Coinz and Tickets when you play. They can be exchanged for prizes such as stickers, Popsockets and bonus cash.

The game can be played by yourself or with other players from around the world. In a head to head match, you will be paired with a player with a similar skill level. You’ll win if are able to learn more tricks than you’ve bid. A bag is a sign that you’re not good at the game and could lose points.


Cashyy offers a range of games to suit every player. The rules are straightforward: play the games from within the app, and you’ll earn coins, which are in-app currency. These coins can be exchanged for cash, or gift certificates.

Some missions are brief and others require some amount of time to play or a certain level of completion. To be able to play an assignment, you must play the game via the Cashyy application so that it can monitor your usage.

The app has received mixed reviews on the Google Play store, but most users report that they have been compensated. However, there are a few complaints about the process for redeeming rewards, as well as the difficulty of the games themselves.

Cash’em all

The Cash’em All application is a free to download Android game that allows you to earn money by playing video games. To begin, you’ll need to create an account and accept the terms of service. The app will also ask you to give it permission to track the data usage of your device.

Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can redeem them for PayPal or vouchers from Amazon, Nike, and Xbox. You can also earn more coins by inviting friends. The coin accumulation ratio will decrease as you progress, which is why it is crucial to change games frequently. Also, the app is only available for Android devices.